Nevada: an able workforce, ready to work. Nevada's labor market provides high-value to businesses, including high-tech industries and international trade. Our talent pool contains a large percentage of workers with advanced degrees.  Employers’ demands for skilled labor in Nevada is answered by many customized training programs designed for the needs of the state’s leading industries, such as the Train Employees Now program, which provides matching grants for qualified employers to acquire skilled labor in less time and at lower costs; and the Silver State Works employee hiring program, which provides incentives of up to $2,000 for each state-qualified employee hired.

Our workforce is also diverse, both culturally and linguistically. Many Nevada residents speak more than one language, with particularly strong representation of Spanish and Chinese speaking residents.

Nevada’s universities and colleges, technical institutions, and community colleges provide a continuous supply of workers with higher education credentials. Rich programs at the University of Nevada campuses in Reno and Las Vegas emphasize Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculums – a growing area of emphasis in the state’s K-12 schools as well.

Additionally, the entire Nevada System of Higher Education is committed to developing specific employee training programs for individual industries and companies. These alliances have even created training for a "partner" company on the specific job tasks needed for a specialized process.

The LEAP Initiative for Advanced Manufacturing

With the support of state education and manufacturing leaders, GOED's Technology Commercialization unit has been developing a pilot program for a fully-integrated manufacturing career pathway. This program, called Learn and Earn Advanced Career Pathway (LEAP), will train for the specific vocation of Advanced Manufacturing Technician and has been endorsed by the DETR Sector Council. 

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