Ease of Doing Business

Businesses which relocate or expand to Nevada often are amazed how easy it is to start up and operate their enterprises, especially relative to many other states in the surrounding region.

Nevada is:

  • A very business –friendly state, with state and local governments committed to streamlining approval processes and remaining a very low-regulation environment
  • A state in which your local and state government officials are very accessible.
  • A state whose Governor is committed to economic development, creating an office (Governor’s Office of Economic Development) and organizational support system dedicated to businesses who are relocating, expanding, or starting up operations in Nevada. Regional development authorities support the state’s economic development with extensive local knowledge, resources and assistance.
  • A state with the infrastructure in place to support the primary industry sectors that are our focus for economic development.
  • Located in a prime distribution location, a transportation hub ideal for manufacturing, distribution/logistics, information technology/data centers, tourism and many more.
  • A favorable tax environment for business and industry.

Who's Doing Business Here