Workforce Innovations for a New Nevada (WINN)

One of the opportunities for companies looking to expand or locate their business operation in Nevada is the State’s ready and willing workforce, as well as Nevada’s commitment to create training programs that will equip workers with the skills needed by our employers.

WINN, or Workforce Innovations for a New Nevada, was created and was passed by the Nevada Legislature during the 29th Special Session in 2015.  The program is a coordinated effort by GOED, the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, the Nevada Department of Education, JobConnect, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovations, and Nevada companies, to arm employers with the skilled employees that they need to succeed.

WINN represents the first workforce development training program of its kind in Nevada, and it has launched in both the north and south of the State. In northern Nevada, WINN has ushered in the Panasonic Preferred Pathway (P3) program to quickly train employees to work at the Gigafactory with various levels of certifications obtained through the program. 

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