Panasonic Preferred Pathway (P3)

A groundbreaking partnership between one of the State’s most innovative employers and a community college dedicated to workforce training programs is currently being rolled out. The Panasonic Preferred Pathway program, or P3 as it is known, recently received approval from the GOED Board for WINN funding to create an accelerated pathway for workers with no manufacturing experience to gain the certifications necessary to apply for employment with Panasonic at the Gigafactory.

New GIGA Factory in Reno

Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC), Panasonic, Hamilton Company, and GOED have partnered to launch P3 to help ensure that Nevadans can become part of the New Nevada advanced manufacturing workforce.  This partnership also helps to ensure that the Gigafactory employment hiring requirement of 50 percent Nevadans can be met.


P3 is designed as an employment credential to teach the terminology, culture, safety practices, and basic skills of manufacturing.  Students who complete the M1 Program will be considered for employment with Panasonic in an entry-level Material Handler position.


Panasonic Material Handler (M1)

MPT 135M 9501 Basic Material Handling Equipment .5
MPT 135M 9502 Safe & Effective Equipment Operations .5
MPT 135M 9504 Automated Warehouse Concepts .5
MPT 140M 9501 Total Quality Management .5
MPT 140M 9503 5S Principles .5
MPT 140M 9504 Precision Measurements .5
OSH 222   General Industry Safetly .5
The estimated cost for M1 program for local residents is $450 Total: 4


Panasonic Production Operator (M2)

ELM 110M 9501 Electrical Safety and Theory .5
ELM 110M 9502 Devices and Symbols/Digital Multi Meters .5
MPT 110M 9501 AC Motors and Generators .5
MPT 110M 9502 DC Motors and Generators .5
MPT 110M 9503 Logic Controls and Mechanical Controls .5
MPT 110M 9504 Electromechanical and Soild-Stale Devices .5
MPT 110M 9505 Timing and Counter Circuits .5
MPT 110M 9506 Troubleshooting, Repair, and Maintenance .5
ELM 125M 9505 Industrial Safety and Use of Motor Control Systems .5
MPT 140M 9502 LEAN Manufactuting Principles .5
ELM 233M 9501 Introduction to Process Control .5
ELM 233M 9502 Measurement Instrumentation .5
The estimated cost for M1 program for local residents is $700 Total: 6


Completion of the M2 Program will make the worker/student eligible for promotion or placement as a Panasonic Production Operator.  Two additional levels of training (M3 and M4) are also being developed for worker advancement at the Panasonic facility.

A Flexible Format

P3 is designed to be delivered in a flexible training format to allow students to learn at their own pace, create their own schedule (including Saturday and evening hours), and students can start at any time of the year.  P3 makes it easy for students to train for their new career while still being employed in their current job.

A Scholarship for Nevadans

WINN grant funding allows P3 to be offered through a scholarship. Qualifying participants for the M1 Program will be awarded a scholarship for two credits of the M1 Program plus the admission fee of $229.50. Unless a hardship exists, students will then self-fund the remaining credits, but will be reimbursed for the cost of the modules upon completion – up to $914.50. Students will be given the option of registering in .5 credit modules which would limit the out-of-pocket cost to about $56.00 at a time – reimbursement of the module could be applied to the next module.

Want More Information?

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