Faraday Future

With Faraday Future locating its first automobile manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas with plans to hire at least 4,500 people, the need for the state to stand-up an automobile workforce became a pressing reality.  And so, the groundbreaking workforce training program of WINN was established specifically for this purpose. Through this program, the State has dedicated to Faraday that it will recruit and train up to 800 people per year, to a maximum of 4,000 employees.

GOED and Faraday have partnered with the College of Southern Nevada, the Clark County School District, DETR, and NSHE to make this program a reality, and the GOED Board has granted money, through WINN, for the purchasing of equipment to be used by students to train them on equipment that will be in Faraday’s factory. This workforce training approach is a mixture of K-12 pipeline education and technical skill certifications.

Through WINN, individuals who successfully complete the assessment and training will receive industry-recognized credentials and customized training that meets the specific needs of Faraday Future.

DETR will work with Faraday throughout the program to assist in recruitment and assessment as well as to assist and track performance of diversity initiatives.  DETR will assess candidates to ensure that individuals who proceed through the program are well-equipped to succeed and qualified to receive full-time employment with Faraday.

As an Accredited Training and Education Facility for the National Center for Construction Education & Research, CSN will create customized training programs in partnership with the Clark County School District and other qualified training partners. This initial facility will be at southeast CTA, which will allow high school students access to Faraday training equipment during the day.

More information coming soon. . .

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