Community Impact

Douglas County

"The Community Development Block Grant program is not only an effective means which assists local government with its critical infrastructure needs, it also saves lives. The East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts in Douglas County have been able to expand its Advanced Life Support/Paramedic Program in southern Douglas County on a 24-hour-a-day basis thanks to the funding assistance from CDBG. CBDG has assisted with the costs to construct living quarters for paramedics and to purchase an ambulance in this rural part of Douglas County." 

~Tod F. Carlini, District Fire Chief

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City of Fallon:  Multipurpose Recreational Building

CDBG funds in the amount of $350,000 helped the City of Fallon purchase a 12,800 square foot pre-engineered metal building for use as a multi-purpose recreational facility.  The building has one main and two secondary basketball courts and also accommodates volleyball, skate hockey, gymnastics, dance, special needs programs and other indoor recreational needs.  The interior design includes spectator seating areas, restrooms and storage.  The facility is located in Venturacci Park and complements other recreational opportunities in the park.

Nye County: CASA Volunteer Training

The Nevada CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Association and a steering committee of volunteers in Pahrump came together to ensure that the Pioneer Territory CASA, Inc. would become a reality.  That occurred on February 1, 2011.  The organization quickly moved forward to work with the Fifth Judicial District Court to improve the lives of children in foster care in Nye County.  At any given time there are an estimated 75 to 80 children in protective custody who are wards of the Fifth Judicial District Court system.  Nye County sponsored this public service grant and received a $20,000 CDBG grant award to supply office equipment and training materials for the CASA volunteers.

   Photo Credit: Selwyn Harris/Pahrump Valley Times

City of Wells: Back Up Generator Purchase

After experiencing a 22 hour power outage in 2011, the City of Wells updated its hazardous mitigation/emergency management plan to include an emergency generator.  Wells submitted a grant application to CDBG and received a 2012 grant for $96,756 to purchase a back-up generator.  

The generator is housed on a trailer.  In case of an emergency that requires electrical power, it can be moved to the location in need.  The generator could power water wells, booster stations or even the waste water treatment facility.  This grant allows the City of Wells to successfully respond to this type of emergency and is a major benefit to the city. 

Read an articled published in American City and County on the City of Wells.

Mineral County:  Hawthorne Convention and Community Center

The Hawthorne Convention and Community Center, also known as the Hawthorne USO Building, was constructed in 1942 and is registered with the National Register of Historic Places.  In 2008, Mineral County applied for and was awarded a CDBG grant for $209,222 to prepare an architectural assessment and rehabilitation design and to rehabilitate the building to current building and fire codes.  Rehabilitation included extensive structural work on the building’s foundations and refurbishing the main hall, stage area and two adjacent dressing rooms to its historic 1942 look.  In addition, an advanced fire detection system and new fire doors were installed; new fire-proof curtains and modern stage lighting were added.  The rehabilitation work was done by Mineral County workers; many of the building materials were purchased locally. The work was finished and the building opened again for public use in April 2012.

Esmeralda County:  Silver Peak Emergency Response Facility

In 2009, CDBG paid for a Preliminary Architectural Report on the Fire Station and Ambulance Shed in Silver Peak, a small community in Esmeralda County with a population of 110.  The report suggested various options on how to expand and develop the existing facilities.  In 2011, Esmeralda County added a two-bay Ambulance Barn to the existing Fire Station, using county resources and a grant from the Department of Energy.  Additional CDBG funding of $132,000 was requested and granted to add an additional bay to the Fire Station, demolish an old storage building, and convert the original Ambulance Shed into a meeting and training facility.  The end result, completed in September 2012, is a greatly enhanced emergency response facility in Silver Peak that includes a six-bay Fire Station and Ambulance Barn and an adjacent meeting and training facility.

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